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Be a Good Beginner

It pays to be a good beginner. Learn our five good-beginner attributes to make learning a new event more fun.
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NRHA Professional Billy Williams considers his wife, Veronica, one of the strongest members of his circle that helps propel him toward his goals.]

From Your Circle to the Winner’s Circle

Those who surround you in your riding endeavors can help make—or break—your success in the saddle.
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Pro Goal-Setting Tips

Kick 2022 into high-gear by setting goals developed with tips from an expert coach.
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Balancing Horses and Family

When things are settled at home, it’s easier to clearly focus on your riding goals.
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Hitting the Big[ger] Time

Are you ready to level up? A top amateur coach offers the best advice for being ready to compete on a larger stage.
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New Year 21 final

Trivia Challenge: Goals for a New Year

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more fun and educational information about horses and horsemanship, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below.)
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#ADayWithAmberley: Changing Your Mentality

Amberley Snyder expresses the importance of being able to change your mentality to accomplish your goals.
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10 Things All Riders Should Do

Make these actions and attitudes habitual and your proficiency as a rider will soar.
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6 Tips for First-Time Riders

It takes courage to ride a horse for the first time. Whether you’re riding a horse on vacation or starting to ride horses as a new hobby, here are six tips to help you feel confident as a first-time rider.
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Finding (Making) Time To Ride

Busy, are you? Follow the lead of these resourceful amateurs, who manage to fit horses—and even competition—into already-full lives.
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Trivia Challenge: Ready, Aim, Set Goals!

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more on goal setting, read December’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below.)
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Inspired Rider: Meet Your Challenge

Be an inspired rider in the New Year.
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Fallon Taylor’s Best Advice for Any Rider

Ready to take your riding to the next level? Fallon Taylor shares her best advice for riders of all disciplines trying to reach their riding goals.
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Plan. Work. Achieve.

Whether you dream of seeing the country from horseback or excelling in competition, you can do it! These four riders reveal what it took to achieve their horse-related goals.
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#RideWithFallon: Progress Report

Learn how to track your riding progress to help you reach your goals.
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