Selling Show Horse

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So You Want to Sell Your Horse on the Internet—Here’s How

You’ve decided it’s time to part ways with your horse and offer him for sale. Your friends are urging you to list him online, but how and where should you post an ad?
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Red roan horse posing for sale-ad photo. He's not standing square, he is on uneven ground and there are cars, golf carts, and a dog in the background making it a distracting sale-ad photo.

How to Take a Sale-Ad Photo That Sells

Learn how a few extra minutes and a little elbow grease can take your next sale-ad photo to a professional level.
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Sorrel mare and foal in a green pasture together.

Protect Your Horse After He Sells

What happens to a horse when no one wants him anymore? Abandonment? Starvation? Slaughter? Find out how you can protect the ones you love after they sell.
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