Find Your Focus

Use this obstacle-course drill to improve your steering ability and keep your focus on your horse.
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Hemp Products for Horses

Hemp products and CBD supplements are trending for humans, but have you thought about using them for your horse? Learn how hemp may help your horse.
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Rules of the Road on the Trail

Make trail rides positive for everyone—horseback and not—by following the commandments of trail etiquette.
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Camp Canada

Head north of the border for a top-notch horse-camping experience in Ontario’s beautiful Ottawa Valley.
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Seven Worst Mistakes in Equine Hoof Care

Take aim against seven common hoof-care mistakes that can put your horse’s health and soundness at risk.
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Inspired Rider: Buckweat’s Legacy

Trail riders Kent and Charlene Krone reminisce about Charlene’s first horse, an Appaloosa named Buckwheat, in this month’s Inspired Rider column.
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Navicular Prevention and Treatments for Your Horse

Your horse’s navicular syndrome, or palmar heel pain, must be managed with the help of your veterinarian and hoof-care professional.
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Have a Snappy Ranch Riding Spin

Stay out of the penalty box and learn what judges look for in a ranch riding spin.
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Inspired Rider: What If…

“If You could tell yourself one thing before your accident, what would it have been?”
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Five Barrels for Success

Use Amberley Snyder's five-barrel exercise to fix three common problems and help take seconds off your barrel run when it counts.
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Mind Over Mechanics

Don’t agonize over the details of cueing. Instead, use your mind to develop three core qualities of a confident, effective rider.
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The Issues We Face

Every few years, the American Horse Publications group, this year along with Zoetis, produces an in-depth survey to study our horse industry as a whole.
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Reining’s International Evolution

We’re headed back to the World Equestrian Games this September, learn more about reining’s international evolution.
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