Travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming

The barrel racing at the Cheyenne Frontier Days is unmatched—challenging the best horses in the industry with conditions that demand speed, stamina, and precision.
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Explore Red Rock Country

Head to Southern Utah for spectacular trail riding through red rocks, deserts, mountains, plateaus, and canyons.
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Guiding Your Horse: Hand Position

When you’re riding in a one-handed bridle, you ask your horse to turn by neck reining. However, if you don’t know where to keep your hand when you’re guiding your horse, you could be ineffective with your cue.
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Find The Right Saddle

Whether you’re looking for a new saddle that can handle all-day trail rides or are wanting something that’ll help you stand out in the show pen, you must keep saddle fit in mind when shopping. Professional saddle fitter Terry Peiper shares her tips for evaluating saddle fit so you can make the right choice the next time you’re in the market for a new saddle.
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New-Horse Checklist

Go through my checklist to learn more about your new horse’s strengths and weaknesses—what his personality is like on the ground and in the saddle­—so you can start your journey together on a positive note.
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Improve Your Horse’s Ranch Riding Lopeover

The ranch riding lopeover can bring riders to grief. Here’s how to set yourself and your horse up for success over this obstacle in the show ring.
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Resolve Your Horse’s Trailering Problems

Your horse’s trailering problems aren’t just frustrating—they can lead to accidents and injury. Learn how to deal with refusals to load, scrambling in the trailer, and other issues.
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High-Tech Trail Gadgets

On the trail and in camp, high-tech gadgets can help make your equine escapades safer, easier, and more fun than ever before.
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Al Dunning Tack Talk: Seats and Cantles

Just about any seat and cantle will work for most all Western events, but discipline-specific specializations in these saddle parts will help you succeed at the highest levels.
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Overbridled Horse

Is your horse over-flexed through his neck? This leg-yield zigzag will correct that overbridling.
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Horse Show Game Plan: Practice

Here’s how to practice and strategize your weakest areas before you walk through that horse-show in-gate.
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Equine Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Horse

Is massage a luxury reserved for equine athletes? No way! Learn how properly trained therapists can be an important part of any horse’s health-care team.
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Fashion-Forward Saddle Pads

Whether you're looking for a comfortable pad perfect for all-day summer rides, or want to stand out in the show pen, we've got the perfect saddle pad for you.
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Take Care of Your Horse’s Summer Hoof Needs

Summertime poses special challenges to the health of your horse’s hooves. Here’s how to address your horse’s summer hoof needs.
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My Collection: Custom Bits

H&R Editor Chelsea Shaffer's custom bit collection.
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