Tack Talk

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Bridle Horse Tack and Gear

Before he gets started with his lessons for the day, Brad goes over what kind of tack and gear he has on his horse.
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Romal Reins

Bud Lyon explains romal reins; the material, functionality, and when you should use a set on your horse.
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Running Martingale

Know when you might use a running martingale.
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Al Dunning Tack Talk: Seats and Cantles

Just about any seat and cantle will work for most all Western events, but discipline-specific specializations in these saddle parts will help you succeed at the highest levels.
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Saddle Horn Selection

The saddle horn plays a larger role in saddle selection and use than you might realize.
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Tack Talk: Draw Reins

Draw reins—and rein setups that provide similar action—are useful in schooling a horse, as long as he’s familiar with them and you’re educated on how to use them.
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How to Use Standing Leg Wraps

Precise application of standing leg wraps ensures the protection of your horse’s soft tissues for healing an injury or sweating inflammation
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Mecate Tie Rope

An integral part of the hackamore, the mecate tie rope served a historic function that lives on today.
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My Collection: Hackamores

Performance horse trainer Steve Metcalf's collection of hackamores, which he uses to train working cow horses and reiners, as well as Western pleasure horses.
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