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Is it Time to Clean Your Saddle Pad?

If your saddle pad is becoming hard and stiff from hair and sweat, it's time to give it a thorough cleaning.
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Running Martingale

Know when you might use a running martingale.
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Selecting The Right Liner for Your Horse

CSI Saddle Pads offers three different types of liners to customize your saddle fit.
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Choosing the Pad for You

CSI Saddle Pads offers different types of saddle pads in 30’ or 32’ length, with customizable options.
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My Collection: Side Tack

The Collector: Zane Bruce Mineral Wells, Texas
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What You Didn’t Know About CSI Saddle Pads

With over 17 years in business, CSI Saddle Pads offers innovative technologies to outlast other brands to keep your horse comfortable.
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Soft in the Snaffle

Riding in a snaffle bit is a critical skill in taking your horsemanship to the next level, no matter what type of riding you do. Keeping a horse soft in a snaffle bit requires deliberate hand movement, proper body position, and precise release. Your horse’s feet should be connected to his mouth through the bridle and through your body, and developing a feel for that connection takes intentional practice in the saddle.
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Here To Help: CSI Saddle Pads

CSI Saddle Pads solutions to help fit your horse to maximize comfort for all disciplines.
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How to Take Photos to Send Into CSI Saddle Pads

Owner and founder Donna Saddoris explains how to take photos of your horse before sending them into CSI Saddle Pads for evaluation.
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#ADayWithAmberley: Holding the Saddle Horn

Amberley Snyder explains the importance of holding the saddle horn—especially during a barrel racing run.
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True Test: Testing Saddle Pad Pressure

Testing the different pressures a horse may feel through each type of saddle pad material verses the CSI Saddle Pads flexplate.
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Gimmick! Or Good Gear?

Should you use certain tack items with your horse or not? Get professional input on seven commonly used pieces of horse equipment.
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Double Up Horse Supplies

You get to a show and realize you left all of your brushes in your barn—this tip will never let that happen again.
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3 Things To Look For with Saddle Fit

Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Rhonda Martin helps you select a saddle tree once you have evaluated your horse’s topline.
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Hackamore Talk

Brad Barkemeyer explains the importance of using a hackamore and when you might use one on your horse.
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