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Advantages of Flag Work

You don’t have to work cattle with your horse to benefit from working the flag. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how you can add flag work to your riding routine to help teach your horse basic riding fundamentals.
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Groundwork to Get Give to the Bit

Learn about using groundwork to get your horse to give to the bit from Brad Barkemeyer.
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Horse Boots

Leg Wraps and Skid Boot Tips from Brad Barkemeyer

Brad Barkemeyer talks about when you should use leg wraps and skid boots on your horse.
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4 Things You Shouldn't Do in the Show Pen

Brad Barkemeyer explains four major things that non pro riders should never do when competing in the show pen.
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Keep your horse focused. A horse stands distracted at the Brad Barkemeyer Win-A-Day Clinic.

3 Tips for a Focused Horse

Watch Brad Barkemeyer demonstrate 3 things he does to keep his horse focused during a ride.
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Common Riding Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Are you making these common mistakes when riding? Brad Barkemeyer will let you know.
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Brad Barkemeyer explains the different bits you should use when working on collection with your horse.

Bits You Should Use for Collection

Brad Barkemeyer explains why you should use certain types of bits when working your horse to improve collection.
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A rider learns how to use her reins on a chestnut horse

How to Effectively Use Your Reins

Brad Barkemeyer explains how to use your reins to effectively communicate with your horse.
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Control Your Back-Up with Brad Barkemeyer

Brad Barkemeyer walks a non pro through controlling her horse's back-up.
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Learn to Communicate with Your Horse

Brad Barkemeyer explains how to effectively communicate with your horse to get the desired frame.
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Maintain the Bend with Brad Barkemeyer

Brad Barkemeyer explains how to maintain the bend of your horse, so you have a more productive ride.
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A woman in a cowboy hat and jeans rides a buckskin horse at a clinic with Brad Barkemeyer.

How To Use Your Legs and Hands Together

Brad Barkemeyer explains how and why you should use your legs and hands together while riding your horse.
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Brad Barkemeyer stands with his bay cutting and ranch horse at a clinic.

Backing a Circle to Find Collection

It's time to try the third part of Brad Barkemeyer's drill to find collection.
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Using Turns to Teach Collection

Brad Barkemeyer walks us through the second drill he uses to help teach his horses collection.
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An Introduction to Foundation Drills

Brad Barkemeyer gives an introduction to the foundation drills he uses and explains why they are a necessary step in your horse's training.
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