The Ride #84: Find a Riding Method That Fits You

Kaitlyn Hurst joins us on The Ride Podcast, talking about healing equine trauma, and finding training methods that work for your horse.

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On this episode of The Ride Podcast, Nichole and Devin sit down to chat with non-pro competitor and horsewoman, Kaitlyn Hurst.

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Hurst.

Kaitlyn grew up in the competitive show world, and has competed in reining, cow horse, and ranch riding events. She hails from California, but now lives in Texas. Kaitlyn has a knack for working with horses that have trauma or have been dubbed “problem horses.” Her personal horses have benefited from her partner-based training approach, and her patient and kind attitude. We talk with Kaitlyn about healing equine trauma, kissing spine surgery, lessons from showing, and who has made an impact in her life.

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Hurst.

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