January’s Must-Watch Videos From Horse&Rider OnDemand

Horse&Rider OnDemand gives members unlimited access to hundreds of videos taught by industry pros. In January, we dug out some of our favorite videos from the Horse&Rider OnDemand Vault. This included some of our past releases with pros like Brad Barkemeyer, Bud Lyon, Al Dunning, and Winston Hansma. Here are the top 5 must-watch videos from January.

1) Turn-Around Practice with Al Dunning

Practice your turns with this circle-softening drill that will help set your horse up for a correct turn.

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2) Basic Leg Positions

Brad Barkemeyer outlines basic leg positions for better horsemanship.

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3) Ranch Riding Pattern Evaluation #3

Al Dunning explains a champion Western riding exhibitor’s ranch riding pattern. You can improve your success in the show pen by following his advice!

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4) Tack for Ranch Riding

Ranch riding tack is all about staying true to the class’ roots. Here are Bud Lyon’s preferences.

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5) The Fundamental Maneuvers of Cutting

Like all Western riding disciplines, cutting relies on fundamental maneuvers. Winston Hansma breaks down the maneuvers and demonstrates how you can achieve them with your horse.

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Train Smarter With Horse&Rider OnDemand

Horse&Rider OnDemand is your trusted source for Western horse-training videos and horsekeeping advice from the industry’s top professionals. Get access hundreds of videos on ranch riding, reining, natural horsemanship, cutting, working cow horse, ranch horse versatility, all-around events, and more with your subscription — because you and your horse are worth it.

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