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Steps for a Smooth Backup

A smooth backup is something all riders strive for, no matter your discipline.
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The Finished Rollback

Bob Avila discusses the finer points of the finished rollback.
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Crossfire Conundrum: Working Cow Horse Safety

Crossfiring—when your horse is on the wrong lead behind—will get you a penalty in many events. But when working a cow, it can jeopardize your working cow horse safety.
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Exercise: Straightness for Lead Changes

Use this exercise to improve your straightness for lead changes.
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Lope With Impulsion

Learn to ride with impulsion and confidence as you encourage your horse to drive from behind at the lope.
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Introduction to Working Equitation

Working equitation is a hot new sport in the U.S. Find out how working equitation can improve your horse and make you a better rider.
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Mounted Shooting Rein Management

Mounted shooting rein management skills are required so you can cue correctly and get the proper response from your horse. Targets come fast, even at the beginner level, and gun handling requires quick thinking. This makes mastering rein management at home a key to competitive success. I’ll cover my best tips here.
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Metal Trail Gate

If you show in the trail class, you’re probably quite familiar with the rope gate obstacle. It’s easy for show management to transport and set up, and it’s forgiving when it comes to working the obstacle. But now we’re seeing the metal trail gate return to the show pen, which adds another item to prepare to face in a class.
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Ride Smart!

A world champion shares her core horse-training secrets. An H&R exclusive adapted from Sandy Collier’s book, Reining Essentials: How to Excel in Western’s Hottest Sport—and have a better-broke horse.
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