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Real Riding: Guest Ranches Catering to Equestrians

If you imagine slow, nose-to-tail rides when you hear the term ‘guest ranch,’ think again. We’ve tracked down six top ranch resorts with programs designed for experienced riders.
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High-Tech Trail Gadgets

On the trail and in camp, high-tech gadgets can help make your equine escapades safer, easier, and more fun than ever before.
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Keep Your Favorite Trails Open

Become a strong advocate for keeping your favorite trails open for riding with these expert strategies.
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Ground-Work Exercises promo image

Ground-Work Exercises

Hone your horse’s manners and your leadership skills over the winter for a better ride in the spring with these tips from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.
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Ground Manners to Prepare Your Horse for the Vet promo image

Ground Manners to Prepare Your Horse for the Vet

Prepare your trail horse for the veterinarian with these lessons in ground manners from noted clinician Julie Goodnight.
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Trail Tips: Mount a Horse from Right Side, What to Pack on a Trail Ride

These great trail tips will teach you how to mount a horse from the right side, where to stash your lead rope while trail riding and what to pack on a trail ride. Will your horse allow you to mount and dismount from either side? Can you mount a horse from the right side?
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Trail Tips: Trail Etiquette and Leading promo image

Trail Tips: Trail Etiquette and Leading

These Trail Tips will show you the proper etiquette when riding in a group and the best way to lead your bridled horse on the ground.
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Practice Group-Ride Etiquette

Trail Tips: Adjust the Curb Strap on Your Bridle and Wear Leather Chaps

Learn how to adjust the curb strap on your bridle and why you should choose leather chaps for trail riding.
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Riding Gear

A listing of saddles and pads that did not make it into the Gear Guide of the May issue.
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How to Stop a Horse Without Reins

Learn how to stop your horse without reins in three steps with Julie Goodnight.
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Horse Camping Tips

This season, you've promised yourself you'll make the leap. You're ready to camp with your horse—well, for just one night. You'll camp beneath the stars before a day
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