10 Products from Amazon that You Need in Your Barn

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If you’re anything like me, you buy basically everything off of Amazon. This goes for anything horse-related, too and there’s no reason your tack room and groom bag has to be full of expensive equine-specific products from the tack store. I’ve compiled a list of household products that are a necessity for your barn, and the best part is, they’re all available on Amazon.

1. Diaper Rash Cream

I can’t think of how many times I’ve said “I’ll throw some Desitin on it” when talking about my horse. There’s a reason the targeted ads on my Facebook are for a bunch of baby products, and it’s not because I have kids! I’ve always used the Desitin brand but any kind of diaper rash cream makes a handy addition to your groom bag or first aid kit. It’s a hypoallergenic zinc oxide cream that acts as a barrier protectant for skin, rashes, and wounds. Does your horse have a hock sore? Sunburn on their nose? Raw spot from itching? Just throw some Desitin on it. It will keep the area clean and promote healing and it is thick enough that it will stay on for days at a time. 

Diaper rash cream makes a great addition to your groom bag. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

2. Spray Bottles

There comes a time when you just have to throw away that old fly spray bottle that you can’t even tell what is, leaks half the product out, and has most of the nozzle broken off. When you do, try buying a pack of spray bottles that you can easily fill with fly spray, liniment, detangler, and anything else you might need to spray. Some even have measurement lines on the side so you know just how much your water to product ratio is. Just write what’s inside with a sharpie on the front and for under $10 you have a clean and fresh-looking groom bag. 

Try replacing your worn-out spray bottles with a fresh new set. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

3. Baby Oil 

Okay, I’m really starting to see why I get so many targeted ads for baby products… but they work! If your horse comes in from the pasture with a tangled tail full of burrs or other unidentifiable objects, work some baby oil into it before trying to brush it out. The oil will instantly help detangle the hair and make it so much easier to brush and remove tangled debris. Plus, once you wash it out, your horse’s tail will be extra shiny and soft. 

Baby oil will make brushing out a tangled tail easier and will leave the hair soft and shiny. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

4. Dawn Dish Soap 

This is one of those catch-all products that can work on just about anything. The grease-fighting cleanser is great for just a regular bath but it also really helps control fungus and crud that can build up on your horse’s legs. This makes it great for scrubbing water buckets, wiping off tack, dirty halters, fly masks, and just about anything else you can think of. Dawn Dish Soap is a super cheap alternative to specialty soaps but it works just as well.

You can clean just about anything in your barn with Dawn Dish Soap. Courtesy of Amazon.

Tip: After using baby oil to detangle your horse’s tail, rinse it out with Dawn. This will make sure it gets all of the oil out without stripping away any of the important vitamins and oils their hair needs to stay strong. 

5. A Dish Scrubbing Brush with a Built-in Soap Dispenser

Now that you have Dawn at your wash rack, fill one of these brushes up and get scrubbing! This is such an easy way to scrub legs, buckets, feed pans, and anything else that is looking a little grimey. It’s amazing how much easier it is when the soap is already coming out of the brush and it helps get that deep clean you’ve been wanting all summer. And when you’ve scrubbed your entire barn clean, you can just replace the brush head rather than buying a whole new brush. This brush from Amazon even has a convenient hook on the bottom so you can hang your brush on the wash rack. 

This is a convenient tool that can be used to scrub more than just pans. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

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6. A Toothbrush

You know, I never really thought about how much scrubbing is involved with being a horse owner. For those hard-to-reach places that you just can’t seem to get clean, try going in with a toothbrush to get the job done. It’s also a great tool to use when polishing silver on your tack because it is small enough that you won’t get silver cleaner all over the leather but it will provide a deep and thorough cleaning without being too harsh on the silver. If this sounds like something you’ll use often, go ahead and order a bulk pack from Amazon so you always have some on hand.

Toothbrushes make great tack cleaning and silver polishing tools. Courtesy of Amazon.

 7. Duct Tape

This one is pretty self-explanatory… it fixes everything. But beyond that, you can use different colored duct tape to mark your items like your groom bag, buckets, and even tack. The list goes on and on for what duct tape can be used for so I definitely recommend having a roll or two on hand. For use at the barn, make sure you get the durable and waterproof kind so it will hold up and last. 

Colored duct tape is a great way to label products in the barn. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

8. Antihistamines 

If your horse has seasonal allergies and your vet has recommended an antihistamine, skip the name brand and order a cheaper version from Amazon. Check the ingredients and make sure your vet approves, but most of the off-brand antihistamines are almost identical to the name brand, except so much cheaper. Horses usually need quite a few pills a day so it can cost a small fortune to constantly have them on a store-brand medicine. I’ve had a horse and dog that had to live on antihistamines and this brand from amazon was a lifesaver for my bank account. You can even subscribe on Amazon so they just show up without even having to think about it. 

Check with your vet to see if they approve of this antihistamine for your horse. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

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9. Clear Nail Polish 

It seems like the Chicago screws from my spurs, headstalls, and other tack are always coming loose and falling out. Before you screw those suckers back in, coat them with a little bit of clear nail polish. This will help keep them tight and secure without actually gluing them together and making it impossible to unscrew when it’s time to change out your bit. 

Coat your Chicago screws with nail polish before screwing them back into your tack to help keep them tight. Courtesy of Amazon.com.

10. Loofah

Adding a loofah to my horse bathing routine was honestly a game-changer. My horse has a white face and is constantly finding a way to get it dirty. Loofahs are great for gentle scrubbing around the nose and eyes but can also work well for the entire body. They dry quickly so hanging it on the wash rack or keeping it in your groom bag won’t cause a mess. Plus, they’re cheap and easily replaceable so once it’s passed its prime, just toss it and buy a new one.

Loofahs are great for scrubbing around a horse’s eyes and nose. Courtesy of Amazon.com.
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