A Rainbow of Shirts

A rainbow of Wrangler tops is a welcome sight on a gray Colorado winter day.

I just opened a rainbow in a box. After getting hit by nearly two feet of snow during the last few days, this is a welcome sight in the H&R office!

Wrangler sent us this treasure box filled with shirts to use in upcoming spring photo shoots. It’s always a treat to have nice, solid-colored, long-sleeve tops on hand, because we can almost count on showing up to shoots and the riders planning to wear whte shirts or loud patterns–neither is great for print photography. So Wrangler’s help is much appreciated.

Speaking of apparel, I also have piles of dresses from RU Cowgirl, tops from Cowgirl Tuff and Rock and Roll Cowgirl, and chaps from Woods’ Western to photograph for our April apparel-trends feature. We’re taking a close look at what ladies are wearing in a variety of events in the Western world and putting together a collage of style items from brands across the board to inspire your own wardrobe. As I mentioned in my pre-Market blog, I love clothes, so this is a treat of a job for me!

What spring clothing trends are you most excited about? What do you wear when you ride? Look for the April issue to see what’s in according to our experts.

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