Inspiring life stories that range from the hard-working professionals, non-pros, and horse owners that dedicate every day to the Western horse lifestyle.

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The Riding Family

Bringing together a multigenerational family under one home barn can reap big benefits for all. Here’s how one Colorado family does it, what they get out of it, and why it’s important to them.
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Challenge Accepted

When teenager Rebecca Kennedy decided to sign up for the Extreme Mustang Makeover, she did it because she wanted to challenge herself as a rider. But she ended up learning so much more after working with her untouched mustang.
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Being Brave

We often hear about the greatest horse a rider has had the opportunity to ride, but we don’t always hear about the bravest horse they’ve swung their leg over. We talk with five riders who tell us about the brave horses that changed their lives.
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Talk About Savvy!

Linda Parelli brought a new level of intensity– some would say hype–to Pat Parelli’s teachings. Is she the best thing that could’ve happened to the Parelli phenomenon, or is the program now more hoopla than horsemanship? An H&R exclusive.
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Women Professionals: Dirt Arenas, Not Glass Ceilings

Women are showing they belong at the top of the professional ranks in the Western performance horse industry, even if they’re a minority.
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Running Wild: Mustang Maddy

Madison Shambaugh helps horses and humans improve their communication—lessons she’s learned from her mustangs.
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When the Shoe Fits

Mark Milster’s passion for blacksmith and farrier work has taken him all over the world. It even landed him an induction into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame.
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A DIY Rider Alone at the Top

Sandra Bentien is the consummate do-it-yourself non-pro reiner, from the breeding shed to the saddle. Here's her DIY rider story.
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Horse Family: Dad, the Driver

Larry Weatherford describes himself as his daughter’s driver—to shows, clinics, and competitions. But he’s much more than that when it comes to helping her chase her horse dreams and nurture his horse family.
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