Dam Spotlight: Snap Krackle Pop

When a graceful gray mare enters the show pen with ears forward, eyes engaged, and a happy expression, it’s hard not to take notice. Since she first set foot in the arena, Snap Krackle Pop has made judges and spectators alike sit up and pay attention to her talent and gorgeous looks, and her babies continue that legacy.

The 2010 mare by RL Best of Sudden and out of Brandys Silver Sheik is affectionately called Brandi has been lovingly owned by Twylla Brown since the mare was 3 years old and trained and shown in open competition by mother-son duo Kendra and Blake Weis. Their conscientious training and showing led Brandi to become the first-ever mare to win back-to-back AQHA Superhorse titles in 2015 and 2016, competing as a junior horse the first time around and a senior the second.

“Brandi is a very unique individual,” Kendra explains. “I’m not sure she knows she’s a horse. She’s more like a friendly woman! She nickers when you come in the barn, loves her treats, and wants to know everything that’s going on around her. We keep her at the front of the barn, so she’s always in the mix. From the time we bought her, she’s always been personable—she’s always been very special.”

Currently, Brandi competes with owner Twylla in the saddle in AQHA select amateur trail and remains competitive in open trail and Western riding with Kendra.

Photo courtesy of Twylla Brown

Desirable Traits

“Twylla could ride Brandi from the get go,” Kendra shares. “She knows to step it up for an open rider, like Blake, and then she can tone it back for Twylla to enjoy. No matter who’s riding, her ears are up; she has a big, kind eye; and she exudes charisma.”

Those traits are some of many positive ones she passes on to her babies. Historically crossed with some of the hottest stallions in the all-around arena, her offspring have gone on to do impressive things in the show pen themselves.

Most notable, is daughter Snap It Send It (“Bailey”), the 2021 AQHA Super Horse, following closely in her mother’s steps. It marked the first time a mare and her foal have both won the prestigious title.

“Snap It Send It was raised on our farm and is the same as her mother,” Kendra notes. “She’d be out with the other yearlings and come trotting to the fence with her ears up. Aaron Moses (a professional trainer) came to see Bailey, and he wanted her right away. We have a few other babies who are identical in their personalities to their mother. Snippity Snap is another who I raised here and Blake showed at the Congress. She’s phenomenal—has a great disposition and is so easy to train.”

Aside from that endearing personality, Kendra shares that Brandi and her babies are sound in movement and in mind. She attributes that to Brandi’s excellent conformation, which she passes on to her foals.

“That’s what we want in these mares,” Kendra says. “Brandi has won the level 2 performance halter with me and was reserve in the level 3. She’s not tall, but she’s put together well. She’s a small package with a lot to her.”

Because Brandi is still actively showing with her owner in select amateur classes, they only pull two embryos from her annually. The foals are raised on Kendra’s Missouri farm and are either sold as yearlings or kept for potential partners for Kendra to show in the open or Twylla to compete with in the select.

“I have a 4-year-old here that’s out of Brandi and by Extremely Hot Chips,” Kendra shares. “She’s so good-minded—just like her mom. The goal is for Twylla to show her.”

As for Brandi, she’ll remain with Twylla for years to come.

“People have tried to buy her, but she’s part of the family,” Kendra concludes.


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