Horse We’d Love to Own: Drew

About Drew

Drew is a 2008 18-hand Clydesdale owned by Wes and Dana Wetherell.  

Drew is an 18h gentle giant who loves attention. Nichole Chirico

Retired Budweiser 

“I adopted Drew from Budweiser. He was on the East coast hitch and was retired at the age of 10. I waited more than three years to get him. We had to be approved to adopt him and sign an extensive contract to adopt him. He can’t be used for advertising or profit and we can’t sell him. He’s ours for life,” shares Dana. 

Clydesdale Size Personality 

Drew’s personality is just as big as his large and stocky body, which comes in handy for his pasture mate. “He has the best personality, he absolutely loves people! If you go near his pasture he runs over to greet you. He lives with a retired cow horse who is 14 hands and he acts as a wind block for the little guy, they’re best buds,” Dana says. 

Time for Treats 

“Any treat is his favorite, including attention of any kind. We have a lot of people just drop in to see him. They take him carrots, peppermints, and apple treats. He loves them all but his favorite part is people, he truly loves people,” shares Dana. 

A Gentle Giant 

Dana says that ‘a gentle giant’ is the perfect description of Drew. “You don’t realize just how big he is until he is up in the barn with ‘normal’ horses,” Dana says. “When I pet him I usually stand under his neck and scratch him (he is 18 hands and I’m 5 feet 3 inches so it’s easy to do). When I stop he takes his head and pulls me back into his neck, demanding more scratches. He does this to everyone, so you have to be prepared. 

Fun Fact

Drew’s feet are the size of dinner plates!