Horse We’d Love To Own: The Captain

The Captain is a talented and competitive horse that has not only proven himself in the show ring, but he's taught his owner how truly special horses can be.

Captain, or The Captain as most call him, is a 6-year-old triple registered gelding. He is a registered paint, pinto, and quarter horse sired by HBF Iron Man. He is owned by the Brock family of Fort Myers, Florida, and is primarily shown by his favorite kid, Hannah.

Finding a New Home

The Brocks searched for years to find a replacement for their older gelding who seemed unreplaceable. While he is still extremely special to their family, The Captain has proven to be another dependable and loyal partner to Hannah.

“I was looking for a new horse that could potentially ring me to a higher level of competition. My amazing trainer, Avery Sinclair, played a major role in this process as she began to search as well. Avery told us of a horse that would be at the Pinto World Championship and after watching several videos we made a trip out there. I rode several horses just in case however none were quite like this one, Captain, who exceeded my expectations. Soon after the test drive we made our decision and he came home to us,” said Hannah. Captain isn’t selective on his food preferences and loves any and all kinds of treats. He leaves no snack behind.

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A Big Appetite

To match his 17-hand stature, Captain has a huge appetite. Hannah said, “He loves his food so whenever he knows it’s coming he jumps up and down as if a rocking horse. He’s also managed to escape pastures and stalls a few times but instead of running away, he finds the treats.”

A Gentle Giant

“I absolutely adore the personality of this horse. Captain is full of energy and loves to buck and run all over the place, but will always calm down and focus when it’s time to work. He is very gentle and will press his head in mine and fall asleep,” said Hannah.

A Rare Case

Hannah and Captain compete on a national level through the American Paint Horse Association. In just a year together, the two have accomplished numerous titles in the youth divisions. Most of Hannah’s competitors keep their horses at their trainer’s barn, but the Brocks wanted a horse they could keep at their house that would still be competitive. This was very hard to find, but Captain has stepped up to the plate. Hannah said, “Captain lives at my family’s barn, Barrett Farms, and he gets ridden almost every day and fed many snacks!”

It’s Show Time

“One of my favorite memories with him is winning my first world title with him at the Pinto World Championship in 2021. He was just so well behaved and was really there for me during the class making the win even more special,” said Hannah.

“Captain and I compete in just about every English and Western performance class which includes halter, showmanship, hunter under saddle, equitation, horsemanship, trail, and Western pleasure,”. The two have been able to learn and try new things together. Hannah said, “This year we just added Western riding which is a new class for both of us.”

Last year at their first world show together, the two were high-point for their division and brought home eight world champion titles.

An Unbreakable Bond

Hannah and The Captain have formed a bond and friendship that can be seen from a mile away.

“Out of all the horses I’ve had, I haven’t been able to connect as well with one as much as I have with Captain. He has taught me the importance of a bond and that animals can form friendships too. Not only have I been able to show him and accomplish several goals, but he has also been a saint for my mom who has also shown him and won a world title with him,” said Hannah.

Hannah is off to college next year but is going to continue to show The Captain as much as possible. Plus, you might even catch her mom, Ann, in the show pen!

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