4 Things to Know About Jodie Morton

Here are four things you should know about this week's guest on The Ride, Jodie Morton.

Jodie Morton has recently finished up a trail ride that many only dream about riding. Jodie sat down with host of The Ride, Michaela Jaycox, to talk about her recent journey and why she did it. 

Listen now!

1. Jodie isn’t from the United States.

Although Jodie loves the United States and hopes to one day call the country home, she is from Australia. Jodie explains that she loves the opportunities that the United States offers for trail riding. 

2. Jodie worked at C Lazy U in Colorado. 

Jodie came to the United States to work at C Lazy U and ended up staying longer than she expected—she returned home for about two weeks only to renew her visa and head straight back to Colorado. While at C Lazy U she met trainer Julie Goodnight, who played a big role in her trail riding journey. 

3. Jodie rode the Continental Divide Trail

Jodie’s most recent—but definitely not her last—big trail ride was riding the Continental Divide Trail. You won’t want to miss the stories she tells in this episode about her experiences on this trail. She even offers tips for riders looking to do a similar trail ride. 

4. Jodie rides for mental health awareness. 

Mental health is a condition that is close to Jodie’s heart. After losing a couple of people close to her, she decided she was going to embark on a journey to raise awareness and talk about mental health while she rides. Her next adventure has plans to partner up with another mental health advocate to ride across Australia in hopes of removing the stigma around mental health. 

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