Fashion-Forward Saddle Pads

Whether you're looking for a comfortable pad perfect for all-day summer rides, or want to stand out in the show pen, we've got the perfect saddle pad for you.

1. When it comes time to step foot in the show pen—regardless of the discipline—a nice saddle blanket can bring the whole picture together, giving you the chance to make a good first impression before you start your ride. Look for an oversized blanket that gives you plenty of room to pin a number under your show saddle, like this handwoven one from Yucca Flats ($305; The black-and-white look, inspired by art from the Pacific islands, easily pairs with a classic black button-down shirt, giving you a winning look when you’re in the arena.

2. Pad for Summer Riding
This performance pad offers function and fashion. It’s specifically shaped to accommodate your horse’s collected back in motion, and has moisture-wicking capabilities and ventilated EVA sport foam, making it a perfect fit for summer riding. This pad comes in four stylish Mojave patterns. $208.89;

3. Ranch Riding Look
Dress up your ranch riding look with this camel-and-red wool blanket top. On top of the Western-inspired colors and designs, this blanket has an orthopedic-grade felt bottom that soaks up moisture, allowing heat to dissipate from your horse’s back. Starting at $239.99;

4. Handcrafted Creation
This burgundy saddle pad is custom-tooled and has hand-painted blue feathers on the corner plates to help you stand out from the crowd and express your personal style. $369.95;

5. Cowhide Inlay 
For a unique saddle pad option, look for a hair-on cowhide inlay. Available in four different colors, each hide differs, making your saddle pad one of a kind. For more info, visit:

6. Cactus Design 
Add a little color to your summer riding gear with this royal-blue pad featuring a colorful cactus and sunflower design with hand-tooled leather corners, red croc wear leathers, and buckstitch edging. It’s also available in seven other fun print and color combinations. $109.00;

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