Sport Boot Cleaning Hack

After a long weekend of riding, your tack needs cleaning. You finish it all...except the one accessory that's hard to clean and often neglected—sport boots.

During this time we’re taking extra precautions and self quarantining to keep others in our community healthy. We want to offer daily tips that’ll help you pass the time during your self quarantine and even give you a jump start to your spring cleaning.

Your horse’s sport boots can be challenging to clean. Here’s a great tip for doing so, in six steps.

Keep your sport boots clean and lasting longer in six steps!

Step 1: Take your sport boots to the car wash and hang them from the clips on the walls—the clips that hold car floorboard mats.

Step 2: Use the rinse option. (Using the soap option might result in skin irritation for your horse.)

Step 3 (Optional): If you have soap that’s safe for your horse’s skin, add a small drop to each boot.

Step 4: Stand back and spray your boots.

Step 5: Flip your boots around and spray the other side. You may have to repeat this step a few times until the water runs clear and free of dirt and soap from both sides of your boots.

Step 6 (Optional): Take them to the vacuum area of the carwash and vacuum them dry.

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