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Breast collars are all the rage this year, so find your newest riding accessory in the Spring 2022 Issue of Horse&Rider Magazine.

The simple stitching and the traditional design of this Weaver Leather breast collar ($120.59; will never go out of style, making it the perfect piece of gear to use in ranch riding or versatility ranch horse events. Plus, it comes out of the box soft, supple, and ready to use.

2. Let’s Get Colorful

If you want to add a little color and flair to your tack collection, this beaded breast collar comes in 14 different vibrant colors and is sure to be a statement piece no matter where you ride. Plus, you can even get a matching headstall to complete your look! $129.99;

3. Don’t Forget Fringe

Looking to add some Western flair to your riding gear? This vintage-looking breast collar is sure to do the trick. With copper and turquoise accents, and long, tapered fringe you’ll be the star of the show, whether you’re riding the trail or running a barrel pattern. $167.99;

4. Stay Comfortable

For a long trail ride, try this breast collar made with soft and breathable mohair fibers that will help keep your horse comfortable all day long. The neutral tan color makes this breast collar a versatile accessory that pairs perfectly with any saddle pad you choose. $139.99;

5. Stunning in Studs

A breast collar is the perfect way to add in some personal style to your gear. If you want to look fierce, try this stunning chocolate breast collar that’s decked out with copper studs—or customize it with more than 20 different accents to choose from. $195;

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