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Horse Health Care

More than just horse deworming, we have all your horse health care concerns on our mind. From picking the right horse feed to identifying horse lameness and offering horse grooming suggestions to the latest on equine vaccinations, we help you keep your horse healthy and safe.    


Gallop Poll: Supplement with Probiotics?

In an effort to improve your horse’s digestion or the health of his gut’s immune function, have you ever supplemented him with probiotics? Let us know by participating in H&R’s Gallop Poll.


Foal Milestones

Learn what to watch for—and when to call for help—by identifying foal milestones!


Senior Horse Care

Have a senior horse in your herd? Here’s how to keep him in the best possible shape throughout his teen years and beyond.


Post-Ride Trailering Tips

Make the post-ride experience a positive one to end your trail ride on a high note with these trailering tips.


Long-Distance Horse Hauling

A cross-country move—with a horse—is a lot to take on. Whether you’ve accepted the job of your dreams or are moving closer to family, these 12 tips will help you plan and execute a successful relocation of your horse.


The Long Haul

Before you hit the road for a lengthy trip, get answers to the 10 questions I’m most often asked about trailering horses long distances.


Trailer Innovations

In the market for a new trailer and accessories? Here are nine products that can make hauling horses more comfortable, stylish, and fun.

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Prevent Trailer Theft

Don't leave your rig at a trailhead without taking these proven trailer-theft-prevention steps from our panel of experts and on-the-go trail riders.