5 Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy During Fireworks

Help ease your horse's mind (and your own) during this years firework celebration.

Holidays like the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve are often stressful for your horse and his barn friends. Check out these five tips to keep your horse happy during the firework show. 

1. Hay, Hay, Hay! 

Feed your horse plenty of hay throughout the evening to keep them busy and distracted all night long. 

Giving your horse something to munch on will help keep them distracted.

2. Play them some tunes.

Keeping the radio on in the barn will help drown out some of the noise. You can also keep fans on for an extra buffer. 

3. Block the noise.

If your horse is comfortable wearing earplugs, they will block out even more of the celebration than just white noise. This can be helpful for a horse that will be staying outside during the commotion. You can buy earplugs at your local tack store or try these POMMS Premium Equine Earplugs from Dover Saddlery

4. Close it up.

Closing your barn doors and windows will help make the noise and lights of fireworks less noticeable for your horse. 

5. Give them some extra help. 

There’s only so much you can do to prep their surroundings for a loud holiday. Give them some extra support from the inside out with a calming paste of supplement. You can find different options at stores like Tractor Supply that will fit your horse’s needs. Try Quietex II Focusing & Calming Paste from Farnam to relieve some stress prior to the firework show. 

A calming paste can help keep your horse composed during stressful situations. Photo courtesy of TractorSupply.com.