As horse owners, we typically see our farriers on a routine basis just about every month—and hopefully more frequently than we see our vets! (Crossing fingers that we all have happy and healthy horses!) But back to our farriers: We consider them valuable, trustworthy sounding boards for their professional opinions, right?

Available in a spray gel and ointment, Silver Honey™ can be used on horses, dogs and a wide array of creatures at your farm.

With the multitude of things we horsey folk chat about, wound care is bound to come up. After all, we can’t cover our horses in bubble wrap, even though we’d like to. So naturally, we asked our featured professional, farrier Mitch Taylor of the Kentucky Horseshoeing School, for his recommendations.

“When it comes to wound care, I try to find or use something that works for almost everything and [that is] made from natural ingredients. I’d prefer not to get something with an antibiotic involved unless it’s really necessary,” he states. “These days, there are way too many antibiotics getting in the soil and groundwater, causing an increase in drug-resistant bacteria species. And being a farrier, I see a lot of bacteria in the hooves.”

Taylor went on to elaborate on experiences he’d had recently with wound care. “I do see all kinds of different wounds or abrasions on clients’ horses, from rope burns or cuts at the hairline to bad scratches and all kinds of things,” he says. “I recently had the opportunity to try out a new product called SilverHoney™ that Absorbine rolled out. And I tell you what, I really like it— especially how they combined the natural ingredients of manuka honey and silver to create a wound product that has great antibacterial properties and rapid healing.

Silver Honey™ the white, or rather silver, knight in shining armor of wound care.

“Plus, it’s not bad for the environment,” Taylor continues. “It doesn’t contain any antibiotics – I’m a big advocate for being aware of what you put on your horse and into the environment. I’ve used it on several clients’ horses with scratches, rope burn, and a coronary band issue, and they all seem to become less sore and heal quite quickly. I even let a good friend over at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Coleman, use some on a personal horse that had difficulty healing an abrasion on his ‘dairy air.’ He told me it was working great. It seems like it’s almost better than Neosporin!”

Good for wounds and the environment?

You got that right: Absorbine’s new product line in wound care, Silver Honey™, is not only great for healing just about any kind of booboo your horse can get, it’s safe for the environment. That’s a total win-win in today’s age, when being environmentally conscious is important. With an all-natural combination of manuka honey and MicroSilver BG™, a proven track record of 99.9% stopping bacteria, promoting rapid healing and new tissue growth … it seems to be a good-as-gold wound care treatment to keep in your barn, trailer, everywhere. Available in a spray gel and ointment, Silver Honey™ can be used on horses, dogs and a wide array of creatures at your farm. Check out this informative video here.

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