Horse Behavior

Understanding horse behavior is an essential tool to anyone owning or caring for a horse.

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Alana Harrison

When Your Horse Bullies You

If you don't address your horse's resistances when they first appear, you'll just enable his bullying tactics.
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Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy promo image

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy

How horses help heal troubled minds in equine-facilitated psychotherapy.
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Zen Horseman promo image

Zen Horseman

Combining science and spirituality, Dr. Allan Hamilton, author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse, offers tips for strengthening your bond with your horse and becoming a more effective horseman.
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Fix Your Needle-Phobic Horse promo image

Fix Your Needle-Phobic Horse

Does your horse panic at the sight of a needle and syringe? Learn why he says "whoa, no way!" to needles and how to solve this frustrating (sometimes dangerous) problem.
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Yeah, But, MY Horse...

When you make excuses for your horse's misbehavior, you're avoiding the responsibility of training him out of it.
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Stable Vice or Stereotypie? promo image

Stable Vice or Stereotypie?

What used to be called "vices" are, according to research, not your horse's fault. Find out how a back-to-nature approach to management can eliminate or prevent them (and improve the quality of life for any horse).
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Feeding Treats to Horses? Yea or Nay?

What do experts say about the advisability of feeding treats to your horse—*will* it result in nipping?
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What's Your Horse Thinking? promo image

What's Your Horse Thinking?

Animal scientist Temple Grandin, PhD, offers insights into your horse's thoughts and feelings and how they affect his behavior.
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