Winter Blanket Solutions

Heavy-duty Warmth for Winter’s Worst 
When winter’s cold blows in, the right horse blanket is your equine friend’s best defense. WeatherBeeta’s Comfitec Classic Combo blanket rises to the challenge, offering warmth for those extremely cold days. Perfect for horses frequently exposed to the elements, this blanket’s durable design ensures your horse stays cozy even as temperatures plummet. If your horse lives in a pasture in a wet, cold climate, this is an absolute must-have. $159.99;

Photo courtesy of WeatherBeeta

1. Moderate Chills
For those moderately cold days, this 200-gram thermobonded fiberfill blanket is the go-to. Providing medium-weight insulation, this blanket has an anti-static and anti-bacterial inner lining with the added bonus of being waterproof. $330;

2. Barn Buddy
This stable blanket with Adjusta-Fit for a customized fit and a fitted V-Free wither relief feature is great for those colder days in the barn. As a stable blanket, it’s designed to retain warmth, keeping your horse comfortable indoors. $299.99;

3. Fleece Lined
For those who find themselves with mild winter weather, this polar-fleece-lined rainsheet adds a touch of insulation and works great for those cool, wet days. It also has a two-tone design with reflective accents for added visibility at night. $112.79;

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