Protect Your Horse’s Health this Summer

These products will help protect your horse's health this summer.

Tip: If you prefer to feed on the ground, you can purchase without the rope.undefined
Michaela Jaycox

A hydrated horse is a healthy horse, and after long days in the scorching heat your horse needs extra electrolytes and nutrients. Protect him from summer dehydration and keep him at peak performance with the free-choice Redmond Rock on a Rope ($12.99; More than just a salt block, this rock is natural sea salt that contains essential trace minerals—so when your horse sweats, he gains back what he’s lost. Whether you’re hitting the road for summer competition or spending your time on the trails, this rock will help restore your horse’s nutritional balance. 

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Geared for Comfort

Products to keep your horse happy this summer.

1. Fly Mask Available with or without ear attachments, this three-hole cap design allows room for your horse’s eyes and temples. $26.99;

2. Cooling Cinch This breathable, odor-resistant cinch has a foam center to absorb impact and pressure. The outer shell is made from tear-resistant nylon mesh that stands up to the toughest treatment. Starting at $79.99;

3. Fly Boots Your horse will stand out from the rest with these one-of-a-kind bumblebee fly boots. In addition to looking unique, the permeable, PVC-coated mesh offers 73% UV protection. $30;

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