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Summertime Hazards

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While hot weather persists, follow these tips to protect your horses.

Credit: Photo by gjohnstonphoto/

Credit: Photo by gjohnstonphoto/

Fire: Maintain fire breaks for 20 to 30 feet around all buildings. Store only properly cured hay to avoid combustion. Have an emergency-evacuation plan for your horses.

Dehydration: Keep water supplies clean and fresh. Provide free-choice access to plain salt. Moderate work schedules on the hottest days.

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Sunburn: Provide shade (run-in shelter or trees) during turnout. Apply sun block to the most vulnerable white skin—especially on the face. Consider a UV-blocking fly mask and sheet.

Sores: Use fly repellents and salves to keep flies from creating belly/midline sores that can grant access to the bacterium causing pigeon fever (dryland distemper). Remain diligent with fly-fighting measures.