Tip of the Week: Clean Out Your Equine Medicine Cabinet

Whether it’s a large cabinet filled to the brim or a small box with the necessities, every barn has a place to store medication. It’s important to keep your medicine cabinet organized and clean so you know exactly where to get something when you need it fast. 

Make sure all of your medication is still good and not expired. Horse&Rider

Tip: Clean out your medicine cabinet every 6 months.  

Here’s an idea of what to look for when cleaning it out: 

• any expired products

• ointments with visible dirt or hair mixed in

• products that have changed color or clarity

• pills that are crumbling, changed appearance or give off an unusual odor

• powders that have clumped together from moisture

• self-adhesive wrap that has “melted” onto itself over time, becoming difficult to unroll

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Make sure to keep a list of what you’ve thrown out and replace it right away. 

You can also check the battery on your digital thermometer, make sure scissors or other tools are in good working order and wash all of your fabric bandages. 

Once you have everything cleaned and organized, repack your medicine cabinet with items in waterproof containers with lids. Now, when you’re in a pinch and need to find something right away, you’ll know exactly where to look and won’t waste time checking the expiration date. 

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