Tip of the Week: Got Suds?

Do you often find soap suds leftover in your horse's coat after giving them a bath? Check out this tip to stop the suds.

You might be noticing that even after you’ve thoroughly rinsed your horse after a bath, suds start popping through the hair a few minutes later. It can be especially difficult when your horse has grown his coat as thick and fluffy as possible during the winter months. A build-up of soap under a horse’s coat can lead to dry, irritated, and itchy skin. Try this easy tip to get all of the soap suds out of your horse’s coat while bathing. 

Tip of the Week: Use a sweat scraper in the middle of your bath. 

Use a sweat scraper in the middle of a bath to help get rid of suds that are under his hair. Michaela Jaycox

Instead of just using the hose to get the suds off your horse, try using the sweat scraper a few times while you’re rinsing away the suds. This will give you a little extra help with getting all of the suds out of your horse’s thick and fuzzy coat. 

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