Pocket Knife for Trail Riding

There are several reasons you might want to have a pocket knife handy when you’re at the barn, but when you’re on a trail ride, a pocket knife can help you get out of a sticky situation. It’s easy to keep this slim pocket knife in your pocket, clipped to your belt, or attached to your lanyard or keychain. Plus, the one-handed opening feature lets you keep one hand on the reins if you need to use the knife on horseback. $164.99; caseknives.com

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The handle inlay on this knife is textured to help you have a good grip when using it. Photo by Nichole Chirico

Pack the Necessities 

Products to use during your next riding adventure.

1. Overnight Highline

For long rides or overnight camping trips, use a no-knot picket line tie to easily and safely secure your horse when there aren’t hitching rails or corrals nearby. $54.88; jtidist.com.

2. Stay Cool 

Ensure that you have plenty of snacks and cold water available at the trailer with this tough-as-nails soft cooler that’s lightweight and keeps things cold for hours. $350; yeti.com.

3. Safety First

From wound cleaning products to antibiotic dressings, this kit is travel-friendly and is easy to stash in your saddlebag so you’re prepared for anything. $21.95; smartpakequine.com.

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