Trivia Challenge: Good Horsekeeping

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Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

1. What a bathed horse invariably does…also a breakfast treat for humans.

A) fries

B) oats

C) rolls

2. A ‘roached’ mane has been:

A) bleached to a light color

B) shortened to 2 inches

C) trimmed completely off

3. A grooming tool AND a spicy flavoring.

A) clippers

B) curry

C) comb

4. True or false: A ‘barn sour horse’ means one that’s standing in a dirty stall.

T / F

5. About how many gallons of water should an average-size horse consume each day?

A) 6 to 8

B) 10 to 12

C) 17 to 19

6. A car has one; a horse might wear one.

A) hood

B) trunk

C) wheel

7. The wisest use of a metal curry is to:

A) detangle the tail

B) clean the lower legs

C) clean other brushes

8. ‘Box,’ ‘tie,’ and ‘foaling’ are all different types of:

A) stalls

B) halters

C) trailers

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. C is correct. And why do horses roll after we bathe them? Experts aren’t sure; our guess is that it’s an equine version of getting back into comfy old jammies.

2. C is correct. No more tangles! A roached mane requires zero maintenance (other than periodic buzzing) and it looks great on a sleek neck.

3. B is correct. A rubber curry, especially, is the foundational tool of your grooming basket–it gets the dirt out, plus guess who loves the scratch-and-massage action it delivers.

4. F is correct. A ‘barn sour horse’ is one that doesn’t want to leave the barn…whereas a horse standing in a dirty stall wants out and away (so you can clean it!).

5. B is correct. This will vary, of course, depending on your horse’s activity level and the temperature and humidity of the day. Just make sure your guy always has access to plenty of fresh water.

6. A is correct. A hood, which provides coverage for a horse’s head and neck, is most often used on show horses to help keep haircoats short and sleek.

7. C is correct. That metal curry can break hairs and scratch legs, but it does a bang-up job of cleaning your other brushes.

8. A is correct. Because would you really want a ‘foaling trailer’? Yikes.

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