Trivia Challenge: Do You Know How to Keep Your Horse Fit?

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Illustration by Navah Ross

1. True or false: Your horse’s fitness level is about more than how his body looks—it’s about being prepared for the conditions in which you’re expecting him to perform.

T / F

2. You should condition your horse by…

A) longeing him on a short line for 45 minutes 

B) working him in conditions he will compete in 

C) trotting him for 30 minutes

3. True or false: If your horse is stalled or kept in a small pen, conditioning and fitness are even more critical. 

T / F

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. T is correct. While you want your horse to look fit, proper conditioning allows him to perform his job at the highest level possible. 

2. B is correct. Conditioning your horse in the arena footing you’re planning to compete is an often-overlooked element of fitness. Knowing what sort of ground you plan to expose your horse to at a competition or on a trail ride is part of being a horseman and doing your homework.

3. T is correct. Horses in a pasture are able to move freely and exercise, while horses in small pens aren’t able to exercise in the same way. Riding for an hour, then putting your horse back into his stall for 23 hours of the day won’t prepare him for a long ride.

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