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Horseback Trail Riding

Your top online resource for trail-riding destinations, horse camping, trail-horse training, on-trail safety, must-have trail gear, and an array of trail-horse breeds. 


Breed-Association Trail-Riding Programs

Set your mileage goals and reap the rewards! Here are top trail-riding programs offered by 34 breed associations, including description, eligibility, awards, and links.

Training Pack Animals: Gait Training and the Pony Horse promo image

Training Pack Animals: Gait Training and the Pony Horse

In training pack animals, consider the way the pack animals travel and also the ability of your string leader (the horse you ride) or pony horse to vary his speed to suit the pack animals behind him. Gait training for your pony horse or string leader may

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The Urban Trail Horse

When I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, I could ride my horse for hours without even seeing a car. We cruised through oak-covered hills, along dirt roads, and through shady canyons

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15 Horse Hunting-Hints

Nothing can be more exciting and fulfilling than buying a trail horse. However, such a purchase comes with risks. Will the horse become your reliable trail mount and partner in many safe, adventurous rides?

trail riding emergencies

Handle Trail Riding Emergencies

Learn how to lessen the risk of experiencing trail riding emergencies and steps to take should your horse become injured despite your best efforts.

Mounted Search-and-Rescue promo image

Mounted Search-and-Rescue

A hiker is lost in the woods. A mounted search-and-rescue team with search-horses is called on to aid the search. If you're an adventurous, skilled trail rider, you and your horse might be valuable assets to a mounted search-and-rescue team. Here, we?ll first explain what makes a horse an ideal search-horse.

Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season promo image

Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season

Fall is the best time of the year to enjoy trail rides. Horses are spirited on trail rides, their riders energetic, the trails more inviting than ever. But trail riding during this beautiful season of the year presents some challenges for the trail rider.


Trail Riding Fitness

Learn how your riding fitness affects your trail ride, and what you can do to make your horse’s job easier.


Show Horse to Trail Riding Horse

Your show horse’s experience and conditioning are suited to making him a trail riding horse. Here’s how to make a smooth transition.