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Stop a Spook on the Trail

Reduce the number of spooks you have on the trail with a ground-up approach.
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Be Aware on the Trail for Safety

Awareness in these five areas will keep you and your horse safe on the trail.
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Pointers for Your Pack Trip

Learn how to prepare for a pack trip into the backcountry.
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Spring Trail Conditioning

Trail conditioning is important for fun, safe trail rides.
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Trail Riding Emergencies

Learn how to lessen the risk of experiencing trail riding emergencies and steps to take should your horse become injured despite your best efforts.
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Trail Insights: Using a Rope Halter

Julie Goodnight explains how to use a rope halter on the trail.
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Julie Goodnight Kick Zone promo image

Avoid the Kick Zone

Avoid your horse's kick zone with help from clinician Julie Goodnight.
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Banish the Buck promo image

Banish the Buck

Does your horse balk and buck when he doesn’t want to work? Fix this vice with clinician Julie Goodnight’s expert advice.
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Hot Days, Cool Rides

Julie Goodnight offers her three-step guide to helping your horse stay cool on the trail.
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