The horsemanship class is a great way to show off your ability to ride and maneuver your horse. You start with a score of 70 and plus or minus points as you go through the pattern. So, do you want to stay around the average 70 mark? Or do you want to blow the judges away and score well into the 80s?

You picked scoring in the 80s, right? We thought so. These 4 videos will help make that happen.

1. Four-Cone Horsemanship Drill from Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue

Will and Elizabeth are undoubtedly two of the greatest horsemanship experts there are. They’ve coached and trained many horses and riders to world championships in the event and know what it takes to earn the highest score.

Learn more from Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue.

2. At-Home Horsemanship Practice with Robin Frid

Another professional known for his horsemanship training skills is Robin Frid. This at-home horsemanship exercise will help you be better prepared for the next time you step into the show pen.

Learn more from Robin Frid.

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3. Gain Core Strength by Riding Stirrupless with Brad Barkemeyer

Core strength is one of the most important parts of being a good horsemanship rider. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how to gain core strength by dropping your stirrups.

Learn more from Brad Barkemeyer.

4. Improving Circles with a Non Pro Rider with Tim Christensen

Correct horsemanship plays a huge role in Western dressage. Multiple world champion trainer Tim Christensen has his riders work on drills that will benefit more than just a dressage rider. Learn how to improve the shape of your circles with this at-home exercise. Watch the full video to see how!

Learn more from Tim Christensen.

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