Barn-Cleaning Tools

Cleaning up around the barn is a dirty job; here are the essentials that get you through it.

Model: All-purpose scoop.
Maker: FarmTek.
Why buy: Lightweight and non-corrosive, the 14-by-19-inch aluminum blade keeps stall and barn cleaning manageable.
Cool features: The straight, reinforced fiberglass handle won’t splinter or crack, and the cushion grip is comfortable to hold.
More info: (800) 327-6835;
Price: $41.95

Model: Future mini manure muck fork.
Maker: Riding Warehouse.
Why buy: The smaller-in-length, but still-sturdy handle is good for the barn or on-the-road mucking.
Cool features: The 10½-by-12-inch rake head doesn���t compromise load-handling for the fork’s size, and the angled sides reduce spillage.
More info: (800) 848-6737;
Price: $18.95

Model: Dura Fork with ergonomic handle.
Maker: Dover Saddlery.
Why buy: The sturdy metal handle is ergonomically shaped to make cleaning more comfortable by easing wrist discomfort.
Cool features: The satisfaction guarantee and tiered shipping rates, based on order volume, make for worry-free ordering.
More info: (800) 406-8204;
Price: $27.99

Model: Tuff muck bucket cart.
Maker: Tuff Stuff Products.
Why buy: The 70-quart bucket supports 300 pounds, and the two-wheel cart with front support means no spillage.
Cool features: Two removable side pins allow the cart to be easily broken down, and the steel pipe handle is adjustable.
More info: (877) 718-6750;
Price: $69.99

The less-than-glamorous side of horse ownership is chores and cleanup. But, we do it anyway to keep our horses’ spaces clean and livable. Here’s a list of the
barn-cleaning essentials that you’ll need to get the job done right.

Pitchfork, muck fork. This is a barn staple. A fork allows you to pick up the materials you want, while sifting out what you’d like to leave behind, such as shavings. Rake buckets are available in varied material, size, tine-spacing width, and shape. Metal-tine buckets are most durable, but the often-wider-spaced tines make pick up more difficult. Plastic tines are more easily damaged, but typically have closer-together tines and are available at a lower price point. Handles are available in metal or wood. While metal is most durable, it doesn’t retain heat (think cold hands in wintertime). Wood handles are easier on the hands, but may splinter and break down over time.

All-purpose shovel. This is the heavy-duty cleaner. The large, flat blade allows you to pick up all the muck in your barn or stall, without leaving shavings or other materials behind.

Rake. A large, leaf-strength rake is perfect for dry stalls and barn aisles to gather loose materials. A heavier, metal-tines rake makes messy, wet jobs easier, as it can dig into the muck without its tines breaking off.

Wheelbarrow. This is a must-have at any barn. The multi-use carryall comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and carrying capacities to accommodate hay, shavings, manure, and any other heavy load.

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