Best Breast Collar for Your Buck

Whether you’re looking for a breast collar with all the bells and whistles or a get-the-job done piece, our guide has an option to fit your need.

Model: GL56090.
Maker: Teskeys.
Why buy: The 2½-inch-wide, Y-front breast collar minimizes the appearance of movement, and the sturdy steel hardware is built to last.
Cool feature: Choose your preferred oil color and border tooling for a fully customized look.
More info:
(888) 955-2955;
Price: $54.95

Model: All-natural mohair breast collar.
Maker: 5 Star Equine Products.
Why buy: Made of 100-percent natural mohair, the woven breast collar is built to last, and the stainless-steel hardware won’t rust.
Cool feature: The breast collar is available in natural or vegetable-oiled-dyed patterns and designs, so won’t cause skin irritation.
More info: (870) 389-6328;
Price: $250

Model: Felt-lined, 2-inch-wide breast collar.
Maker: Jeffers.
Why buy: The 2-inch-wide webbing provides security, and the soft, ½-inch-thick liner maximizes comfort.
Cool features: It’s available in four colors, plus has a fully adjustable center strap with a tie-down dee.
More info: (800) 533-3377;
Price: $18.99

Model: Tapered no-choke breast collar.
Maker: Circle Y.
Why buy: The tapered, Y-shaped design ensures that the piece stays in place on your horse’s chest and doesn’t interfere with his neck.
Cool feature: It’s available in walnut, dark antique, and regular-oil options.
More info: (800) 531-3600;
Price: $94.95

When you think of breast collars, most often you think of a traditional, leather-type item. But there are many other materials to choose from that’ll suit your riding purposes. Use our guide to learn more about non-leather options, and then go online to read “Breast-Collar Buff” on to increase your savvy.

Mohair is soft and pliable, in addition to being sturdily made. For a horse with sensitive skin, consider a dye-free mohair breast collar to avoid skin irritation or discomfort that sometimes accompanies synthetic materials.

Neoprene provides cushion that leather or mohair may not. It’s a comfortable option for a horse that wears his breast collar all day in rough and hot terrain, such as while trail riding. Neoprene doesn’t breathe as well as other materials, though.

Fleece is thick and moisture-absorbing. Similar to neoprene, it provides cushioning that leather and mohair may not. This is a solid option for a hard-working horse, but because it absorbs moisture so well, it’ll require more meticulous care to keep it in usable shape. Because it tends to pick up debris, it might not be best for the trail.

Nylon and other synthetic breast collars serve their purpose at a lower price point. These options require more frequent replacement and close attention to damage, but are typically found in interesting colors and patterns, which allows you to mix up your look more often.

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