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Western Spur Functions

Gain valuable insights into five different spur designs, and learn how form affects function.
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3 Exercises to Get a Killer Lower Leg

Add these three drills to your riding routine to get that perfect horsemanship lower leg.
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Running Martingale

Know when you might use a running martingale.
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Stress Rx

Need to unwind? Here are eight great ways to do it with your horse.
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How to Be a Horse Friend

Horse owners can be hard to navigate—they aren't "normal" people. Don't worry though, we have some advice on how to be a good horse friend.
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Use Your Phone for Reminders

If you forget to bring something for your horse trip, use your phone to help you remember the next time around.
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From Heartbreak to Healing

A mother’s world-show triumph on her late son’s talented performance horse is an act of love and tribute.
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Let Your Senior Performance Horse Shine

Mindful management can extend the career of your senior performance horse.
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Youth Riders Should Know…

Kids and horses make the perfect pair for valuable life lessons.
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Prepare for the Worst

Fires, floods, and hurricanes are just a few of the natural disasters that strike fear in every horse owner’s heart. Develop your evacuation plan to put your mind at ease.
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Why Kids Should Ride

In today’s world, horses may be one of the best tools ever for fostering healthy, well-adjusted children.
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Plan. Work. Achieve.

Whether you dream of seeing the country from horseback or excelling in competition, you can do it! These four riders reveal what it took to achieve their horse-related goals.
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Trends for 2017

What’s new and exciting for riders and their horses this year? Here are a few things on our radar to keep an eye on.
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Create a Confident Mindset

When you feel uneasy on your horse, these strategies will help you ‘fake it ’til you make it.’
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Best Show-Halter Fit

Adjust your show halter properly for an eye-appealing look and precise function in the competitive arena.
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