Clipped to Perfection

Keep your horse’s appearance tidy with a high-quality clipper.

Model: ProClip UltraEdge Super.
Maker: Andis.
Why buy: The two-speed clipper has detachable blades; a cool-running design that eliminates heat and hair clogging; and a 14-foot, heavy-duty cord.
Cool feature: The special-edition blaze-orange clipper has a locking switch to keep from accidental shut-offs.
More info: (800) 558-9441;
Price: $299.88

Model: A6 heavy-duty clipper.
Maker: Oster.
Why buy: A zinc-alloy construction makes the three-speed clipper light; the high-efficiency motor keeps it cool.
Cool feature: Vibration isolators absorb vibration and noise for quieter and more
comfortable grooming.
More info: (800) 830-3678;
Price: $209.99

Model: Bravura Lithium.
Maker: Wahl.
Why buy:
The cordless clipper has a lithium-ion battery with a 90-minute runtime; the adjustable blades have five? different settings.
Cool feature: Choose a durable, lightweight pair in one of three available colors: purple, pink, or gunmetal.
More info: (800) 767-9245;
Price: $155

Model: Star.
Maker: Lister.
Why buy: Lightweight and durable, the corded clipper is designed for full-body clipping; the magnet motor provides consistent speed and low noise.
Cool feature: Its heavy-duty design is strong enough to clip every four-legged animal at the barn, from horse to sheep.
More info: (888) 339-9695;
Price: $269.95


An even, flawless clip starts with quality blades. Keep your clipper in tip-top shape with these best-practice maintenance tips to ensure that you get the best look for your work and the most miles for your buck.

De-gunk, brush dirt. The motor will run hot and overheat easily if the blades are dirty or gunky. This’ll slow your grooming and can potentially damage the machine. Brush out excess hair and grime from blades after each use.

Prep for storage. Before you store, sterilize blades in rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining dust or dirt. Apply oil to the motor (via designated holes on the body) and along the base of the blades. Wipe excess oil to eliminate gunk accumulation and reduce future skin irritation to your horse.

Keep blades sharp. Dull blades are inefficient, don’t clip hair as easily, and create lines. All these problems cause you to apply more pressure to an area or re-clip multiple times to get a clean trim. Sharpen your blades yourself, or send out for service.

Clean him first. If weather permits, bathe your horse before clipping. This’ll remove dirt and dust from his hair coat that could easily clog your blades. In poor conditions, vigorously spot-clean the area you intend to clip.

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