First Aid Extra Tools Chart

Use this chart to add useful tools and gadgets to your equine first aid kit. Excerpted from Horse & Rider's Hands-On Horse Care, by Karen E. N. Hayes, DVM, MS.


If you’re faced with equine emergency, scrambling to find supplies can use up precious time and add to your stress. Take time now to restock your first-aid kit, checking to see if often-used items need to be replaced, or seldom-used items have expired (unless stated otherwise, perishable items should be replaced every three years). Then use this chart to gather some time-saving and helpful tools.

This chart appeared in the February 2008 issue of Horse & Rider and is excerpted from the book Hands-On Horse Care. For great info on tried-and-true remedies for ailments your horse is bound to face soon or later, see “Vets’ Best Fixes for 5 Common Maladies” in our March 2010 issue. To order a copy of either of these issues or other back issues, call 877-717-8928.

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