Get Your Gear Covered

Your tack is an investment; protect it with carriers or covers that are up for the task.

Model: Halter/bridle bag.
Maker: Tough-1.
Why buy: The heavy-denier nylon protects your tack items, and the three-hook rack and internal pockets accommodate multiple pieces.
Cool feature: An adjustable strap makes the 16-by-30-inch bag easy to transport to and from your trailer or show stall.
More info: (888) 584-4677;
Price: $37.88 for solid colors; $41.88 for prints.

Model: Dura-Tech supreme Western pad carrier.
Maker: Schneiders.
Why buy: The 420-denier nylon outer is breathable and keeps up to four pads clean and dry between uses.
Cool features: The split design allows the carrier to sit on a saddle rack, and the shoulder strap and reinforced carrying handle make for easy transport.
More info: (800) 365-1311;
Price: $49.99.

Model: Rockin’ SP quilted saddle-carrier bag.
Maker: Big D.
Why buy: The 600-gram fiber fill protects, and the contoured design optimizes fit for overall saddle protection.
Cool features: The heavy-duty zipper allows simple saddle loading and unloading; a detachable strap makes for easy carrying.
More info: (800) 461-8898;
Price: $108.95.

Model: Blanket storage bag.
Maker: Kensington.
Why buy: The roomy bag attaches securely to a stall front, trailer, or tack room; the large opening accommodates several blankets.
Cool features: An oversized front flap allows for personalized embroidery, and the bag’s available in eight different plaid patterns.
More info: (877) 469-1240;
Price: $49.99.

If your equipment breaks mid-ride, or if it makes your horse uncomfortable, you’ll find yourself spending more time trying to save your ride than enjoying it. Learn how you can keep each of your tack items in tip-top shape with our guide.

Saddle. Store your saddle on a rack. Use a saddle cover or carrier bag to keep dirt, dust, and other debris from damaging leather. Clean and oil the leather, polish the silver, and take care of saddle components. Note: Never leave your saddle on the ground, either upside down on the seat or skirt-down and spread open. If you don’t have a saddle rack, store your saddle tipped forward on the pommel and horn.

Pads. Regularly brush excess horse hair and dirt from your pad. Take your pad to a do-it-yourself car wash for thorough spray-and-wash cleanings. Allow it to dry before storing. Keep it in shape by storing over a saddle rack, rather than flat or upside down.

Bridle, reins, and riding accessories. Hang your bridle, reins, and other riding accessories after each use. Store them to mimic how they’d sit on your horse. For example, if you keep your split reins attached to your bridle, your right rein should drape down under the bridle to the left, and then hang so that the end of your rein is on the right side. Regularly polish silver to avoid tarnish, oil your leather to keep it supple, and apply conditioning cream to rawhide.

Blankets. Brush off caked dirt and grime every chance you get. At the end of blanket season, dry-clean, machine-wash, or rinse your horse’s blanket before storing it for the summer. Store clean blankets in bags.

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