Gift Ideas for Riders

Fun to give, great to get, these gift inspirations will help you delight every rider on your list.

When someone is special enough to be on your holiday gift list, you want your gift to be special as well. And when that someone is a rider, you’re already in special-interest territory—which means you could use some targeted gift ideas. That’s where we come in, with this array of items for exhibitors and trail riders, show competitors, clock stoppers, kids, and more. Browse away, fill out your list, and circle something for yourself!

Solid twill show shirt
100-percent cotton button-down; available in many colors for girls or boys. ($24.95;

Low-profile schooling helmet
Leopard-print lining will win over your pre-teen rider; highest standards keep her safe. ($54.95;

‘Horse Girl’ print
Choose from different designs to customize for a horse-crazy girl’s room. (Starting at $25;

All-Around Baby overall
Make his (or her) first pair of Wranglers a cute pair of overalls with embroidered front pocket and back spade pockets. ($31.50;

Games for Kids on Horseback
Endless entertainment with 13 ideas for fun and safe horseplay. ($15.95;

Turquoise gator headstall
A loud stocking stuffer for the speed racer in your life. ($145;

Wool saddle blanket
Vibrantly colored, 34-by-36-inch New Zealand wool pad available in six patterns. ($59.99;

Pro-quality clippers
KM10 model simplifies clipping with powerful yet quiet motor, low vibration, ergonomic design. ($279.95;

Show shirt
French cuffs, Swarovski crystal accents, and eye-popping colors. (Starting at $125;

Number nailer
Attaches show numbers quickly and easily to jackets, shirts, and pads. ($19.95;

Therapeutic fleece blanket
Relieves tired, sore, or inflamed muscles and keeps a horse cozy with infrared thermal warmth. ($259;

Rustic pine saddle stand
Etched by hand so each is unique; you stain (if you wish) and assemble. ($129.95;

Coil water hose
Stores easily in a small bucket and comes with its own nozzle. ($24.88;

Brass bridle hook
Offers a rounded mount plus additional hook in handsome solid brass. ($29.39;

Director’s chair
Made in the USA of sturdy white oak; perfect in the barn or at a show. ($149.99;

Cotton lead rope
Holiday color in a must-have basic—the perfect stocking stuffer. ($3.99;

WaveFork ‘apple picker’
Durable and horse-proof, plus you can customize the colors.

Trailer first-aid kit
EquiMedic small trailering kit treats one to three horses, hangs up and folds out for ease of use. ($150;

Armband phone case
Keeps cell or smart phone handy yet secure while riding or doing chores. ($16.95;

Equine cooling vest
Water-activated, draws heat from the body for up to 6 hours. ($99.95;

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