Healing for Him

Put as much effort into his recovery as you do his training with a therapeutic accessory that fits the bill.

Model: Equine leg wrap.
Maker: Equi Cool Down.
Why buy: Apply the wrap to alleviate leg heat or inflammation; add water and it becomes 22 degrees cooler than outside temperatures.
Cool feature: The reusable, washable wrap is sold in pairs and is hyper-evaporative, so there’s no mess.
More info: (863) 703-2665; equicooldown.com.
Price: $39.99

Model: Thumper equine pro.
Maker: Thumper Massager Inc.
Why buy: The light and easy-to-wield massager allows you to relieve tension and tightness in your horse’s tired or sore muscles.
Cool feature: The large-surface-area model is convenient for equines, but smaller versions are available.
More info: (800) 848-6737; thumper-massager-inc.myshopify.com.
Price: $419

Model: MagnaCU mesh blanket.
Maker: PHT Magnetics.
Why buy: Magnets inside the blanket target acupuncture points to alleviate soreness, and copper ions transfer heat and encourage quick healing.
Cool feature: Magnet-with-copper and magnet-only options are available for other areas of the body.
More info: (806) 418-5641; phtproducts.com.
Price: $515

Model: Smaller equine unit K12.
Maker: TheraPlate.
Why buy: The vortex wave circulation stimulation technology helps alleviate inflammation and speeds healing for faster recovery.
Cool feature: The 6-by-2-foot plate allows your horse to stand entirely on the plate, but larger units are also available.
More info: (817) 629-5171; theraplate.com.
Price: $3,699

You want to take the best possible care of your horse, but may be overwhelmed by the numerous horse-therapy options available. Read our guide to popular therapies to learn the best choice for your situation.

Cold therapy. Most often used to reduce soft-tissue swelling, cold therapy’s also used preventatively after exercise to tighten ligaments and tendons that are susceptible to trauma.

Heat therapy. Applied locally, heat improves circulation, which promotes healing by bringing blood and oxygen to an injured or sore area.

Massage therapy. Direct pressure applied to sensitive or tight muscles helps alleviate soreness and pain. This therapy is typically performed by a masseuse, but can also be done using mechanical assistance (see “Manage Muscles” above).

Spa hydrotherapy. The horse is submerged in a pool with water solvent (similar to a hot tub). This is a prehab or rehab technique used to reduce inflammation and fluid accumulation, or to provide low-impact therapy to injured horses.

Magnetic therapy. Interaction between magnets in a product and currents in the horse’s body create electromagnetic currents that aid circulation and reduce inflammation.

Vibration therapy. A standing plate emits vibrations through the horse’s body via his feet to improve circulation and alleviate joint and muscle pain.

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