Horse&Rider’s OnDemand Video Platform Rolling Out Must-Have Horsemanship Content

Top horsemen Bud Lyon and Brad Barkemeyer will provide game-changing horsemanship advice through the Horse&Rider OnDemand video platform.

Horse&Rider OnDemand, the full-service Western horsemanship video site curated by the editorial staff of Horse&Rider, is proud to announce the release of a fresh series of videos from world champion trainers Bud Lyon and Brad Barkemeyer.

Captured this spring in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, the new footage will begin to roll out through April 29 featuring horsemanship skills applicable to any level of horse enthusiast.

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Brad Barkemeyer, Horse&Rider OnDemand contributor Nichole Chirico

“Our goal with Horse&Rider OnDemand is to help you solve your riding and training problems and achieve your riding goals with a full video library and weekly releases of new training videos, that you can access from your computer or your smartphone, with two of Horse&Rider’s trusted contributors,” Managing Editor Nichole Chirico said. “With the new videos we shot this spring, you’ll learn everything from basic horsemanship skills designed for riders of any Western disciplines to ranch riding and reining maneuvers to cow horse and rope horse exercises. Brad and Bud also run through some of their daily horse-care practices and show you proper use of tack and gear.”

The Horse&Rider OnDemand platform releases two new videos each week, year-round, from Lyon and Barkemeyer, taking a deep dive into Western horsemanship with videos that focus on everything from perfecting your lope departures to solving barn-sour problems. The new footage will build on the success of the first series, serving its growing audience of horse enthusiasts from across the globe.

“Throughout my lifetime I’ve been gifted with the knowledge and experience from some of the best horsemen in the Western performance horse industry,” Lyon, who was the 2018 AQHA senior ranch riding world champion, said. “It’s my privilege to be given the opportunity to pass that information on to those who are interested in furthering their understanding of the nuances required for the reining and ranch riding disciplines.”

The OnDemand service also features videos on gear selection and use, including adjusting training tools, selecting tack to fit each horse, and grooming horses for their health and appearance.

“I’m very excited to be involved with Horse&Rider OnDemand; we have a lot of great information that we can’t wait to share with you,” Barkemeyer, who has earned top honors as a trainer in AQHA, NRCHA, and World Series of Team Roping Championship events, said. “This OnDemand program is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of Western horsemanship from the very beginner to the highly trained professional.”

Included with a membership to Horse&Rider OnDemand is a subscription to the brand’s vibrant, quarterly print publication, packed with horse training tips and horse care advice from top trainers, clinicians, and competitors. The print magazine is also packed with trail-riding insights and vacations, as well as gear tips and riding inspiration to improve every reader’s horse life.

About Horse&Rider: Horse&Rider, a quarterly publication with a 58-year tradition, encompasses everything today’s active, Western rider craves to live his or her best horse life by providing expert western horse training tips, trail-riding insights, horse-care advice, and inspiration to live today’s Western horse life.

About Horse&Rider OnDemand: The Horse&Rider OnDemand program offers training advice and horse-care tips for riders of all levels of Western disciplines from trusted, proven resources. Featuring legendary horseman Bud Lyon and Brad Barkemeyer, Horse&Rider On Demand allows you to access training and horse care advice from your phone, computer, or tablet, whenever and wherever you need it.

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