Horse&Rider Best Quotes

Horse trainers say the darnedest things. Here are 18 of our favorite things we heard them say this year.

Long before we were liking, sharing, and retweeting them on social media, horse trainers and clinicians were sharing humorous quips and inspirational quotes in lessons, at clinics, and in day-to-day conversations. The best ones start as off-the-cuff remarks that become axioms that form their training programs and shape the way they communicate with amateur and youth riders.

Here we’ve compiled some of the best short-form advice, inspiration, and insight we heard this year. These quotes come from photo shoots we’ve produced, clinics we’ve attended, interviews we’ve conducted, and conversations we’ve had with many of the trainers and clinicians you’ve learned from in H&R in 2016. We hope they inspire you to try new things, achieve your goals, and enjoy your horse life for the rest of this year and into 2017.

Credit: Photo by Nichole Chirico
Credit: Photo by Mallory Beinborn Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson
Credit: H&R file photo
Credit: Photos by Nichole Chirico
Credit: Photo by Crissi McDonald
Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson
Credit: Photo by Linda Brazeal
Credit: Photo by Abigail Boatwright
Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison
Credit: Photo by Kelsey Hellmann

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