Tip of the Week: Keep Your Barn Smelling Fabulous

Check out this helpful tip that will make your barn smell fresh and help keep the dust down.

We all know what barns smell like, and it’s basically impossible to get rid of the smells, dust, and mess that come with a barn. If you want to help keep the dust at bay and add a little bit of freshness to your aisle way, try sprinkling it with some Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner. 

All you have to do is buy a watering can, fill it with water, and add in a few glugs of Fabuloso. Once you are done cleaning stalls and have either blown out or swept your aisle, sprinkle the water/cleaner mixture down the aisle, on wash racks, and anywhere else you think necessary. 

Fabuloso mixed with water is an easy solution to keeping your barn smelling fresh. Jillian Sinclair

[For more tips on keeping a clean barn: Chores Made Easy]

Your barn will instantly smell cleaner and the light sprinkle of water will help keep the dust settled. This can be a great addition to your daily routine at home and even while you’re away at a horse show. 

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