A Penny Saved…

Are you having trouble digging up the money for regular lessons? It could be that you have it, but are spending it elsewhere.

Here’s a look at some places you can save. (Keep in mind that the average lesson ranges from $25 to $50.) You’re spending on…/Could save by…/Approx. savings per month/Bonus

  • Starbucks grande mocha latte. 5 days per week./Brewing coffee at home./$80/You’ll save 400 calories per serving.
  • Burger/Fries value meal, 3 days per week./Brown bagging it./$48/Pack low-fat fare, and shed some pounds.
  • Manicure, twice a month/Having a get-together with girlfriends and doing it for free./ $40/More horse-chat time.
  • Large popcorn at the movies, twice a month./ Bringing own snack or going without./$9/Bring air-popped from home, save 1,150 calories and three days’ worth saturated fat per movie.

Total saved per month : $177 (enough for three to seven lessons!)


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