Proper Protection

Improve your show-gear-care game with apparel storage that’ll keep your items in good repair.

Model: Western hat can.
Maker: Schneiders Tack.
Why buy: The molded structure protects the crown and brim, and the adjustable brackets keep your hat in place.
Cool feature: It’s available in six color options and features a built-in mirror.
More info: (800) 365-1311;
Price: $34.99

Model: Western garment bag.
Maker: Smith Brothers.
Why buy: The 34-by-24-inch bag features a 420-denier outer, 240 grams of fiberfill, and a smooth-nylon liner to best protect your pants and tops.
Cool feature: Three zippered compartments provide storage space for accessories.
More info: (800) 784-5449;
Price: $49.99

Model: Chaps bag.
Maker: Woods’ Western.
Why buy: Lightweight and durable, the bag features a wrap-around zipper for easy access, and pockets to store belts, gloves, and ties.
Cool feature: The made-in-America product is available in eight smart colors.
More info: (800) 843-7718;
Price: $35.95

Model: Nylon boot bag.
Maker: Drysdales.
Why buy: The tough, tear-resistant nylon protects your boots from abrasion, scuffing, and moisture damage.
Cool feature: The twin-zipper construction makes for easy access, and carrying straps allow convenient travel.
More info: (800) 444-6481;
Price: $22.99

You spend time, money, and energy carefully selecting and preparing your show-pen apparel for competition. While apparel-storage items will protect your investment from the elements, here are four additional ways you can ensure that your gear stays in tip-top condition.

Clean, then store. Don’t store dusty; sweat-stained; or otherwise dingy, dirty garments before they’re cleaned. Dirt abrades woven fibers so will affect the longevity of your clothes.

Follow instructions. Many garments have care instructions on the tag. Follow these closely to avoid shrinking, fading, and fabric damage.

Mind your leather. Brush your leather items, and especially chaps, to remove dirt and dust. For more thorough washes, take your leather items to a trusted professional dry cleaner.

Store chaps right.
Fold chaps from thigh to instep, then half across the knee to avoid creases. Store leather chaps inside-out to minimize fading and ultrasuede right-side-out to prevent wrinkling.

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