Fencing Toolbox Essentials: Part 1

Is your fencing toolbox filled with the essentials? Do you know what tools of the trade you should have on hand for your next project?

This article is part of our Fencing Awareness Month brought to you by Bekaert.

Embarking on the journey of building a horse fence is an endeavor that requires careful planning and the right set of tools. In addition to the larger equipment, a well-stocked toolbox with essential tools is crucial for a successful and sturdy fence construction. This article will guide you through the must-have tools and their significance in creating a secure and reliable fence for your horse.

Fencing Pliers

A set of fencing pliers are a versatile tool designed specifically for working with fencing materials. They feature a combination of functions, including cutting, twisting, gripping, and splicing wires. Fencing pliers are indispensable for handling various types of fencing, making them a cornerstone tool in your kit. Grab a pair of these and see how they become one of your most commonly used tools on a horse property.

Fence pliers are one of the most important tools in your fencing toolbox. Bert Folsom/adobe.stock.com


A level ensures that your fence is straight, even, and properly aligned. It helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the fence while also contributing to its structural integrity. A well-leveled fence not only looks professional but will also help the longevity of your fence and cut down on future repairs.

Measuring Tape

Along the same lines as the level, precision is key in building a horse fence, and a measuring tape is your go-to tool for accurate dimensions. It can be tempting to just “eyeball” things. But getting accurate measurements won’t just save you time, it will save you money. Measure twice and cut once to ensure you have enough material to complete your project and protect your budget.

Fencing Staples

Whether you end up using fencing staples will depend on what type of materials your fence is constructed from. Fencing staples are specialized fasteners designed to securely attach fencing materials to posts or other building materials. They come in various sizes and types, including U-shaped and T-shaped. Using the right staples ensures that your fence remains sturdy and resilient over time.

Depending on the type of fencing material you’re using, fence staples might be a valuable member of your toolbox. Richard Marx/adobe.stock.com


Ever smash your finger with a hammer trying to pound in a fence staple? Safety should always be a top priority when working on a project. Sturdy work gloves protect your hands from potential injuries, such as cuts, splinters, or abrasions, while handling rough or sharp materials.

Claw Hammer

You can’t downplay the value of a good hammer for most projects. A sturdy claw hammer is an essential tool for attaching nails or staples to secure fencing materials. Look for a hammer with a comfortable grip to prevent hand fatigue during extended use.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are essential for accurately trimming and shaping wires. Whether you’re working with welded wire, mesh, or other fencing materials, wire cutters provide clean, precise cuts. This is important, as you don’t want to have sharp or jagged edges left behind that can injure a horse. Have a pair of quality wire cutters to be able to neatly trim off edges and make a clean, safe cut.

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